Watch This Man Storm A Game Show To Ask When ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Will Be Released

This guy can’t take it anymore.

It’s fair to say that a lot of us out there are slightly disappointed that there hasn’t been a new instalment of the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ series since back in 2013 and there also hasn’t even been an announcement about when Rockstar might be working on it, but I don’t think anyone is more frustrated about this than the guy in the video below.

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The man realised that he couldn’t take any more days of not knowing what was going on with it and so did what anyone would do in that situation, stormed the stage of his local game show over in Germany – something called Schlag den Star – to demand answers about its whereabouts. Check out the somewhat ridiculous clip below:

Lol that is really stupid and I would normally question if it’s real, but it does sound like he’s saying ‘GTA 6’ in German a lot during the clip doesn’t it? Of course, someone could have just doctored that or it could have happened and not actually mean GTA 6 in German.

Even if it isn’t real though, the sentiment still remains and people are still questioning when/if the game will ever be released. The latest estimates are that they’re waiting until 2025 to release it which isn’t good news by anyone’s standards.

For mor of the same, check out when Rockstar teased GTA 6 in a GTA Online video from last year.


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