GTA 6 Teased By Rockstar In GTA Online Video, According To Fans

Is this the first sign that GTA VI is incoming?

With the announcement that GTA V is being re-released yet again for the PS5 following its massive success on the PS3 and PS4, it was starting to feel like GTA VI would never see the light of day, as its 7-year-old predecessor is still doing monster numbers.

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Well according to gamers this week, a peculiar set of map coordinates on the most recent GTA Online video point towards a clue that GTA VI is in the works.

For a brief second in the teaser trailer for the recent Cayo Perico update, the GPS coordinates pop up on screen – coordinates which are centered on a dirt road in Virginia, that just happens to look like the Roman numeral for six:

Um, yeah. I guess that looks like a VI if you’re desperate enough? Whether this is a coincidence, a troll move by Rockstar, or an actual hint is anyone’s guess. I mean Rockstar must be aware that those coordinates lead to a dirt road in the middle of nowhere that vaguely looks like a V and an I, right? So they’re either taking the piss or genuinely trying to tell us something, you’d hope.

It does make sense that Rockstar would be working on GTA 6 by now, and also that they wouldn’t outright announce it before the next gen release of GTA V on the PS5. On the other hand GTA Online is still so popular that they might just be happy to milk that for as long as possible. Why bother making a sequel when they’re still raking in millions off a game that came out in 2013?

Well anyway, let’s hope they’re working on something different for 2021, whether that’s Bully 2, Read Dead Redemption 3 or indeed GTA VI. Until then, at least we’ve got Cyberpunk 2077 dropping next month. Can’t wait for that one!


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