Watch These Insane Russians Feed A Wild Bear From Their Kitchen Window

Fancy hand feeding a massive brown bear? No thanks, I’m actually quite fond of my fingers, hands and arms thanks.

It’s only when you see a brown bear up close that you truly realise the sheer size of the things. We all know bears are big, that’s common knowledge, but when you watch the video below I bet you gasp when you first see the size of its paw coming through the window, unless you’re hanging round with some chick/dude that you’re trying to impress of course.

Bear baiting used to be pretty darned fashionable not that long ago (and still is in some less animal friendly nations), I can’t believe people are daft enough to go anywhere near them. DO NOT WRESTLE A BEAR. That should be on the national curriculum or something.

I know that the people involved in this clip are fairly safe locked away in their kitchen, the bear isn’t going to be able to climb in and gore them. But what about next week, or the week after, or next year? Maybe you’ve forgotten about the incident, the bear certainly won’t have forgotten about his free lunch. Perhaps the bear has had a hard winter and you’re taking the bins out one evening – WHAM. You’re bear food.

Check this video out and ask yourself why.

See what I mean? Its paws are like felt covered spades with 9 inch nails screwed into them. Those things are not for mucking about with. If you’re feeling the ursine vibe maybe next you should watch a video showcasing the weirdest most human-like bear in the world, or learn about why the American military shot bears through the air at supersonic speed.

Poor bears.


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