Watch What Happens When Somali Pirates Try To Hijack A Freight Ship

Security Guards

Real life action movie.

You hear about pirates trying to hijack freight ships every now and again, but aside from that movie Captain Philips, I don’t think many people realise how dangerous and threatening these situations can be. The video below might do something to change that.

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The footage comes from on board some kind of freight ship that’s obviously a big deal as they’ve hired a whole bunch of private security guards to protect them from the prospect of being hijacked. In it, you see some Somali pirates trying to board the ship on a speed boat, but ending up getting completely and utterly dominated by these guards with their semi automatic machine guns.

You wouldn’t wanna mess with these dudes basically:

Geez. That is a serious security detail right there huh?

The video makes me want to ask a whole bunch of questions that will probably never be answered. Like what the heck is on board this ship that it needs all these dudes to protect it? And where the hell do the Somali pirates come from on their speed boat? And did any of them get shot? What the hell are they gonna do now as well – just float there? The whole situation really is puzzling to me.

For more hijacking, check out this guy getting shot when he tries to hijack a motorbike. Moral of the story is to basically never hijack anything.


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