Watch This Gangster Cut Off His Own Little Finger

Gangster Cuts Off Finger


It’s well known that within the ranks of the Yakuza and the Triads that, if you screw up big time then you might have to chop off one of your fingers to appease the higher ranking officials but I’ve never actually seen it happen before – until now.

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In the video below, a 50 year old guy named Sun is filmed in Taoyuan City, in north-western Taiwan where he has been summoned by a high ranking member of the Triad. He then proceeds to explain that as a way of cancelling his debt, he’s prepared to cut off his little finger.

He then goes about this with the minimum of fuss, not even making a sound as he slices a knife through the bone. And it’s not like it’s even a quick cut – he’s literally hacking away at it for a good 30 seconds before it comes off:

Brutal. Hopefully the mob boss let him off after that one. You would be kinda gutted if he didn’t eh?

Apparently Sun hasn’t been involved with the criminal underground for the past ten years, but still had unpaid debts to those high ranking gangsters. I guess they never forget.

Following the video, it’s thought that he fled the island and went into hiding, although I’m not exactly sure why if his debt was repaid now. I suppose you can’t be too careful when you’re leaving your gangster past behind.

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