Watch This Florida Man Drive A Golf Cart Through Walmart And Hit A Bunch Of People

He also asked to speak to the manager.

You can always rely on Florida for a whole host of bizarre happenings and this time it’s the turn of a 56 year old man named Michael Dale Hudson, who much like the rest of Florida just doesn’t really seem to give a fuck about anything.

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Hudson clearly needed to go to Walmart near Tampa urgently so decided to drive his golf cart through the store to do whatever he needed to do in there. Once he rushed past security, he struck a bunch of patrons, caused a bunch of others to jump out of the way until his rampage was evenutally halted by security after he crashed into a register.

Hudson was then taken into custody by the Sheriff’s Office, but not before he asked to see the manager of the store repeatedly to complain about how he was being treated. The nerve on this guy hey?

Looks like it was kinda fun and not that dangerous to be honest, although I’m sure some of the elderly residents of Tampa were pretty worried about during their weekly shop and will probably spend the rest of the year talking about it with their friends.

As for Hudson, he was arrested and  will be booked into the county jail on multiple counts of aggravated battery/aggravated assault with a motor vehicle and charges of trespassing after warning, resisting arrest without violence and felony criminal mischief. Sounds like it probably wasn’t worth it for him, although I’m still trying to figureout just what the hell he was even doing by driving a golf cart into Walmart. What could he have possibly achieved by doing that hey?

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