Watch These England Fans Climb On A Bus In Leicester Square To Celebrate Getting To The Final

What a night.

Well we all know that England managed to squeak past Denmark last night after absolutely battering them in the second half and there were scenes of jubilation like the country has never seen come the final whistle.

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Of course, this meant a lot of people running around on the streets and jumping on cars and going absolutely crazy and this was none more apparent than in Leicester Square in central London, where a bunch of fans decided to climb up on top of a double decker bus and go absolutely wild. Well, kinda. Take a look at the footage below:

Lol that footage just looks kinda lame in retrospect, especially with all the people struggling to climb up and get on top of the bus. Most people are just standing around and there’s a bit of dancing but you would just expect a bit more from central London on the day that England finally get to the final of a major tournament after 55 years. Where’s the passion boys? Was more going on in the tiny pub I watched it in with my mates.

For more of the same, check out this England fan in the stadium taking a tumble but still keep on partying. What an absolute legend.


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