Nobody Enjoyed The England Game More Than This Guy Who Took A Tumble & Then Kept Partying

What a night.

Well, England have made the Euro 2020 finals, and the whole country will be waking up with hangovers and comedowns the likes of which we haven’t experienced since way before the pandemic days.

None more than this guy, I reckon…

Man down! Man down! Now there’s nothing funnier than a fat guy falling over but what makes this even more amusing is the Three Lions tattoo on his back, his ass falling out of his jeans, and his downright refusal to stop clapping and singing even as he’s trapped between a bunch of chairs and other supporters and possibly even concussed.

The best part is that everyone around him doesn’t stop cheering and dancing either. They just assume he’s gonna be alright, which he was, and keep the party going. Just a standard Wednesday night for that fella whether England are smashing their way to the finals or not. Good for you, geezer. Come on England. It’s coming home!

For Tesco’s truly awful England pun that took place before the game and got them rinsed into oblivion, click HERE. Please don’t do that again, Tesco.


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