Watch This Dude Get The Most Obscene Haircut You’ve Ever Seen


The barber has skills, the customer has issues.

There’s nothing worse than going to the hairdressers, only to have your soul slowly sucked out of you when you see them completely fuck up your Barnet.

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The guy in this video, however, actually requested the obscenity that he claims is a hair cut. The video shows a barber with mad skills etching in a scene showing a man fucking a horse. Why did he request it? Fuck knows – maybe he was doing it for the views:

Just terrible. Fingers crossed he shaved the whole thing off afterwards, but even so – a #1 buzzcut on the sides is a pretty bad look unless you’re going for the whole ‘lobotomy’ vibe.

Can’t decide what’s worse – that buzzcut or this girl’s £140 dreads. It’s a toss up.


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