Watch This Dude Get Knocked Out By An MMA Chick At A House Party


Nobody likes being knocked out, but it’s even worse for a guy when the person knocking them out is a girl at a house party when the guy was almost certainly running his mouth off and talking about how hard he was.

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We join the video where that part has probably already happened and he’s going to prove how tough he is by letting this woman punch him in the face. She casually takes a drag on a blunt and then proceeds to smack him right in the kisser and boy, does he know about it!

Ouch. I know that guy could kind of get to his feet there, but for all intents and purposes we probably need to call that a KO. It’s certainly embarrassing.

Love how badass the woman was all the way through it – just completely casual like she was checking out house parties and knocking out idiots guys who thought they were all that every damn weekend. My kind of girl. Respect.

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