Watch This Dude Force A Guy To Strip Down To His Boxers And Dance After Finding Him In His Girl’s DMs

How did it come to this?

A lot of content on the site today about people who have been cheating their significant others, but whilst most of the other videos have been fairly grim this one is actually kind of funny – although it definitely has sinister overtones and you definitely get the feeling that it could turn nasty at any second.

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The video comes after one dude has discovered a guy sliding into his GF’s DMs and trying to shoot his shot and he obviously hasn’t reacted well to this. Not sure how it’s ended up with him getting the guy outside and forcing him to wear only his boxers and do a little dance for his phone camera, but I’m gonna assume that he had a gun or something because there’s no way someone is doing that unless they’re majorly threatened.

Anyway, take a look at the video below:

Lol, that’s so weird how he’s just standing there in some skin tight lycra boxers and dancing around like he’s listening to Daft Punk or something? Kind of weird that this guy would do him like that – especially without his face in the video – but maybe we cut before it got to the real messed up shit. Hope he managed to get out of it he and only ended up being severely embarrassed by this video, rather than dead or maimed or anything.

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