Dude Pulls Up At A Motel & Finds His Wife Cheating On Him With A Huge Guy (VIDEO)

What would you do?

It’s bad enough being cheated on by your wife, but what are you supposed to do when you discover the man she’s been cheating on you with is a hench 6’4″ dude with tattoos everywhere who could probably smash you to pieces if he felt that way inclined?

This man’s approach was to bust his wife meeting her lover at a motel, and livestream the result on Facebook:

Wow, so many questions. It looks like the footage itself has been shared online by the black dude’s wife, which explains the “This is how I found out my husband was cheating” text – by watching the cuckolded husband’s original livestream.

He seems a fairly young and in-shape man so I think I speak for everyone when I ask what the hell he’s doing shagging this frumpy, middle-aged, married white lady? They have to be co-workers or something, right? That’s the only way it makes sense. Probably colleagues at some warehouse or something and spend their breaks shagging in some grim motel to pass the time. Or maybe it’s just another ‘PS5 secured’ meme brought to life?


Anyway, it looked as though things were about to escalate as the video cut out so let’s hope that wasn’t the case. Regardless, everyone in this video is probably feeling just a little bit embarrassed right now. Not a great look for anybody involved, at all!

For the man who hilariously pretended to be asleep when his best friend caught him shagging his wife at their home, click HERE. Can’t believe he didn’t get smacked for that.


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