Watch A Female Detroit Cop Shoot A Dog For Biting The Nose Of A K9 Officer

Dog lives matter.

Just when you thought that the US police force couldn’t get any worse – they just shot another black man who isn’t really doing anything this morning – they show up in a video like the one below where you see a member of them shoot a dog dead in cold blood. What the hell is wrong with these people?

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This is pretty disturbing and upsetting and even though the footage is pretty grainy I feel like it’s probably important to point that out and say you might not wanna keep reading if a dog getting shot is going to bum you out, because that’s what’s going to come up sadly. The video comes from Detroit and shows a white dog in a garden get into an altercation with a K9 through a fence and instead of calming the situation down, the female police officer instead draws her weapon and shoots the dog.


Damn that is completely unnecessary isn’t it? I get that the dog was beefing with the K9 and that the officer needed to protect him, but I don’t think that this means shooting a dog when it’s behind a fence and can’t really do much harm to the K9. So heartbreaking watching it writhe around after it was shot.

Of course, Detroit Police Commander Darin Szilagyi has defended the female officer, saying the following:

Her partner was being attacked and we demand that our officers protect not only themselves but their partners and citizens.

At this point it was a clear and present danger; her dog was being viciously harmed.

It’s unfortunate it came to this. We don’t like to see any animal hurt.

Hmmmm. I doubt this is really going to fly when they see all the backlash that this has been receiving – that woman is definitely going to be losing her badge. Can’t honestly believe that someone could be as dumb as this though given the current political climate over in the States though. This is America.

For more of the same, check out the footage of police shooting another black man earlier this morning. When will they learn?


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