Here’s The Footage Of Police Shooting A Black Man Multiple Times In The Back In Wisconsin

Here we go again.

I never thought we’d have another George Floyd situation on our hands just a couple months after the incident that rocked the world, but here we are.

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Smartphone footage from out of Kenosha, Wisconsin, shows police responding to a domestic incident involving a 29-year-old man named Jacob Blake. According to the Washington Post, Blake was trying to break up a fight and police, at first, tried to taser him.

Blake approaches a gray SUV and as he opens the driver’s side door, gets shot in the back multiple times (with his three kids in the car watching):

The good news is that Jacob Blake is alive and recovering in hospital. Regardless, anger immediately erupted online and livestreamed videos posted to Facebook and Twitter showed crowds swarming the streets in protest. The incident took place at 5pm yesterday and at 7am this morning, Kenosha police declared a state of emergency curfew.

Opinion is split online as to whether the shooting was justified:

It’s a tricky one. Does a human being deserve to die/get shot multiple times for not complying with a police officer’s demands? Well if that also involves reaching into a car and potentially grabbing a weapon – maybe. But was there a weapon in the car and was Jacob Blake a guilty party in the ‘domestic incident’ in the first place? These are questions that haven’t been answered yet but perhaps aren’t even relevant. Either way, not a great look for the police at a time where America is still burning over the death of George Floyd. No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more fallout over this in the weeks to come.

To watch police body slam a man and break his arm for no reason (after mistaking him for a panhandler), click HERE. Sort it out, America.


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