Watch This Crane Driver Manoeuvre His Crane To Block A Hipster Sunbathing

You love to see it.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a video of someone doing something completely and utterly petty for no reason other than lolz – mainly because we haven’t been allowed outside in so long to perform any kind of activity – but thanks to the ease of the lockdown restrictions, here’s the perfect welcome back.

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The video in question revolves around a crane driver who has decided to manoeuvre his crane so that it blocks out the sun over someone sunbathing below them. Not content with doing this once, when the sunbather gets up and moves over to the right, the crane operator then gleefully moves the crane a few inches over so that it covers him once again.

Check it out below:

Lol you love to see it. Kinda wish that the video had gone on a bit longer so we could see how the dude reacts and if he tried to get another spot and was thwarted again or just stormed off, but I guess he probably didn’t do anything that good if the filming stopped.

But yeah, hopefully more videos like this coming in the near future now that the pandemic is over lockdown restrictions have been lifted slightly. What a summer we’ve got ahead of us.

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