Cops Need Multiple Tasers, Batons And Four Sets Of Handcuffs To Take Down This Drunk Guy

Cops Tasers Batons

Police were called after he skipped a $235 bar bill.

It always amazes me how consuming a lot of alcohol or drugs makes you almost impervious to pain and this video is once again testament to this phenomenon.

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Apparently the massive dude had punched a bartender and skipped out on a $235 tab, which was why police were called to the scene, but it seems completely ridiculous for them to act this way towards him. Whilst he may be arguing with them and trying to plead his case, he’s not doing it in an aggressive or threatening manner, so for them to unload a bunch of taser and baton shots seem completely unnecessary.

Still, absolute props for owning a bunch of them like an absolute boss before he finally goes down. Respect:

Yeah props to the guy, but what the heck were the police doing? Classic example of American officers being way too trigger happy and not knowing how to diffuse the situation. So sad that it seems to happen all the time.

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