Watch An Anti Masker Channel Braveheart And Deliver A Speech On A Pile Of Fleeces At Costco

Calm down man.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a major anti mask meltdown – maybe people are finally realising if we wear them when we’re supposed to then we might get out of this a bit quicker? – but thankfully this guy decided it was time for him to make a speech about his civil liberties on a pile of fleeces in Costco.

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The rebel rousing speech went down in Tustin, California, where the guy channeled his inner Chris Pratt/Mel Gibson by climbing up onto the fleeces with a megaphone and then proceeding to let rip with his opinions. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t really look as if anyone was paying too much attention to anything he was saying and were more interested in picking up some bargain items, but at least he was standing up for what he believed in, right?

We have got to stand up for ourselves. It’s a beautiful day outside and what are we doing, covering up with our masks?

If masks really work, why is this still a problem? Because the masks don’t do anything.

It’s just the flu—we’ve already been exposed to it folks.

We were told that 2.5 million people were going to die.

But do you know that 2.5 million people haven’t died in the world?

And there are 7.5 billion people on this planet.

At least he got a fist bump off one lady I suppose. Other than that though, the whole scene is completely and utterly tragic, like most anti-mask protests. Hopefully they’ll soon be a thing of the past though.

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