The Most Insane Anti-Masker Meltdown Yet Took Place In Walmart In Alaska (VIDEO)

What’s this guy really mad about?

Is there any group of people more aggressively steadfast in their beliefs than anti-maskers? We’ve seen some epically hilarious clips of these morons over the last few months but I really think this one from over in Alaska takes the cake as far as sheer insanity goes.

The man was trying to do a little shopping at Walmart without a face-covering, but as we all know, that’s a big no-no these days:

Welp, something tells me there’s more in this man’s life he’s angry about than being asked to put on a mask for 15 minutes at Walmart. I just love that he’s acting like it’s the equivalent of being thrown in prison for life for a crime you didn’t commit or something. What makes it even crazier is that he’s wearing gloves in the middle of August! WTF?

I just don’t know what other outcome he expected other than going viral and looking like an idiot in front of the whole world. And how about when he started ranting about his rights and freedoms in this employee’s face:

Look at her face/body language. She was hoping so hard this anti-masker would get physical with her and then it would have been game over for him. For his sake, I’m glad things didn’t turn violent. Maybe he’ll watch this video back and realise what an utter moron he looked like? Doubt it. Wear your masks, everyone. It’s really not that big a deal.

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