Watch An Absolutely Insane Fight Between Police And Customers In UK McDonald’s

It ends with someone getting tasered.

You might have thought that due to the pandemic and social distancing rules we might have seen an end to the traditional British finale of a night out when you get in a scrap with someone as you’re waiting to get your food at the local kebab shop, but judging by this video not only has this phenomenon not been eradicated, it seems to have levelled up instead.

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The guys in this video have upgraded from a non descript kebab shop to a massive McDonald’s and this means it’s the venue is way bigger so that instead of getting involved with some other random punters, they’ve decided to get into a ruckus with a bunch of policemen instead. The video is completely insane as there’s literally so much going on in it as police attack and arrest a bunch of drunken youths who are starting on them and then lose control of the situation so much that they end up tasering someone:

Wow. No idea what that was all about or how it descended into such a mess, but it’s a hell of a video. Favourite part is definitely where that big guy gets tasered and doesn’t end up going down from it. That’s a major hero move.

If you were wondering where the McDonalds is so you can avoid it, then you can find it in Bethnal Green in East London. Won’t be going there late at night any time soon.

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