WATCH: 30+ Russian Gangsters Raid Restaurant, One Dude Remains Unfazed

Would you remain this calm during a gang raid? Nope.

I’d like to think that if this happened to me I would be the dude who was calm and still whilst the bedlam descended. In reality I know I would be the first out the door with eyes full of tears and pants full of brown. We can’t all be hard nuts after all.

This video is set somewhere in Russia, it doesn’t matter where I guess, but around 30 masked up gangsters come roaring into the restaurant with beef on their mind. I’m assuming that they’re doing more than just robbing the place, because if they split the takings thirty ways no one is going to get that much cash. I guess there must be more at stake here.

Just focus on the fella in the middle. He is monumentally unconcerned:

I know for a fact I couldn’t have held myself that well. Kudos to you Mr Calm. Maybe he’s in the Russian military or something, those guys have to do some mad drills on a regular basis. Perhaps he’s just seen it all before?


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