Watch 3 Amateurs Take On One Pro MMA Heavyweight And Get Absolutely Battered

This is a hoot.

It’s pretty cold in my flat this Monday morning, so if you’re in a similar situation and are kinda bummed out about the week ahead then hopefully this video below will go some way to turning that frown upside down because it really is a hoot.

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The video comes out of some Russian gym – seems like anything goes when it comes to combat sports over there – where a pro MMA heavyweight named Maxim “Mad Max” Novoselov thought that it would be a fun time to take part in a three on one handicap match against some lightweight amateurs. Normally I would probably bet on the amateurs in this situation because they’ve got a major advantage here, but Novoselov absolutely batters them in less than a minute.

Enjoy the footage below – make sure you have the sound on though because the commentary is actually really funny:

Wow. It’s so funny how he knocks two of them out after about ten seconds – it doesn’t even look like he’s breaking a sweat there.

You might think that Maxim was a major badass after watching this, and his professional MMA record is 11-2-1, but it turns out that only one of the fighters he’s managed to beat in his career had more than one victory themselves. This was a truly hilarious video though so there is that at least.

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