Was One Of The ‘Geordie Shore’ Stars Gurning All Over The Place On Live TV?


Watch out for that jaw.

Vicky Pattison (from ‘Geordie Shore’ and ‘Ex on the Beach’) should maybe have reconsidered powdering her nose before her recent performance on the ‘Xtra Factor Live.’

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OK, so I’m obviously not allowed to outright accuse this girl of huffing class As before going on-screen, but judging by the look of her gurn face, I would definitely put money on it. The reality TV star sparked huge concern as she can be seen with her jaw swinging all over the place in the footage below.

A “source” said:

She was there on the back of a 48-hour bender and had a few too many drinks in the green room to liven herself up backstage before going on Xtra Factor.

“Drinks” hey? Definitely looks like it. Her jaw was swinging all over the place before she decided to cover it up with her hand. Surely that’s not just booze?

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