This Dude Got Decapitated After Sticking His Head Out Of A Train Window In London

Man decapitated train

Off with his head.

A train passenger sadly passed away yesterday after he leant out of a carriage window and was hit by an oncoming train.

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Reports confirm that the man, who was in his late 20s, was quite literally decapitated on impact. The incident unfolded on the Gatwick Express service at Wandsworth Common station.

A fellow passenger named Rhianna provided her account of the event:

He lifted his head out and basically he didn’t notice that the train was coming, so all you see is basically a head gone.

The head flew off basically. I actually ran because it was disgusting but all I saw was a head (that) flew away.

People screamed, the train stopped and people were screaming and they were coming out.

There was obviously the two ladies, they were more traumatic, but all I saw was a split second of what happened, if you know what I mean.

I just saw everyone moving, I just had to turn my head away. The woman that mostly saw it, I spoke to her and she was crying.

She was just hurt that she saw something like that and she was traumatised.

Great account there Rhianna – you sound like a sharp tool.

Anyway, what a gruesome thing to happen hey? Makes you realise how fragile human life actually is. Also makes you realise that it’s probably not a good idea to stick your head out of a moving train.

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