Walmart Are Getting Rinsed For Selling These Insanely Offensive Mugs

Walmart store

They might want to rethink their vetting service.

Back in October, Walmart were in deep shit after their site appeared to be selling a suicide slashed wrist Halloween costume.

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And here we are again, although this product might just be even more offensive than the last. In a listing that no longer appears on Walmart’s site, a company called JM Holdings LLC was selling a mug with the words ‘got retard?’ on the side, in the style of ‘got milk?’ Meanwhile, another mug was branded ‘got hitler?’ I’m not sure who verified this in the production process, but it’s definitely not OK to use those words in this context.


The problem with Walmart’s site is that, like Amazon, they allow other companies to sell products on it, giving the producer a way to reach millions of customers. However, the only issue with this is every now and then something incredibly offensive will make its way on there, leading to a backlash of angry customers:

Walmart has since announced that the product prohibited their items policy and it was removed as soon as it was brought to their attention. It still doesn’t answer the question as to why the fuck this company thought it would be cool to make retard and Hitler-themed mugs, although Walmart has said that it would review JM Holdings’ entire inventory, so maybe we’ll find out soon.

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