Volunteers Will Be Paid £3500 To Be Infected By Coronavirus In Bid To Find Vaccine

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The banter surrounding the Coronavirus continues to increase and come in all manner of forms as today it’s been revealed that volunteers will be paid £3500 to be infected with the (potentially) deadly disease in order to try and help doctors develop a vaccine for it.

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The study is being commissioned by Hvivo – a company that runs a quarantine unit in an East London lab – and it’s believed that participants will have to take two weeks off work and will be banned with contact from the outside world. They’ll then be infected with two of the much less serious strains of the Coronavirus (0C43 and 229E as opposed to Covid-19) that only cause mild respiratory symptoms, in the hopes that if a vaccine can be developed to combat these weaker strains then it will also work on the big bad itself.

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If you choose to take part in the study, then your diet will be restricted as you’re placed in quarantine and then the most effective drugs will be used open you in a bid to combat the viruses. Doctors will be wearing hazmat suits and ventilators whilst they take blood tests and perform other tests on you, so if you’re not ready for that kinda environment I suggest you don’t bother signing up for it.

In fact to be honest, unless you’re really desperate for £3500 then I would suggest you don’t sign up for this at all. Whilst it might sound fun being injected with some weird disease and then lying around in quarantine for two weeks, the reality is that you could end up seriously ill or even dying and even if you don’t it’s probably gonna be fucking boring. Do something better with your life.

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(H/T Daily Star, The Times)


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