Vladimir Putin Signs ‘Bloggers Law’, Sick Chirpse Is Never Going To Russia Again

Looks like we can say goodbye to ever going to Russia again, unless we want to get well and truly spanked by Putin and his crew.

Welp, looks like we’re going to have to keep our heads on a swivel next time we’re in Russia. I just spent a good chunk of time going back over Putin-related posts on Sick Chirpse and I’d say we’re about 70/30 on the positive/negative scale when it comes to what we’ve written about Putin and Russia.

That 30% criticism, mostly aimed at Russian homophobia, the Sochi Olympics shenanigans and Putin being a terrible arsehole, might prove for some pretty bleak visits to Russia for us should we decide to visit again. Putin has officially passed “bloggers law”, meaning any site with more than 3,000 visitors a day (psshh, is that all?) will be considered media outlets akin to newspapers and thus held responsible for the shit they publish.

“The law will cut the number of critical voices and opposition voices on the Internet,” said Galina Arapova, director of the Mass Media Defense Center and expert in Russian media. “The whole packcage seems quite restrictive and might affect harshly those who disseminate crucial information about the state, about authorities, about public figures.”

But if you think we’re nervous, what about the bloggers in Russia? Holy shit. Those guys must be barricading their doors/booking their tickets out of there as we speak. At the end of the day this is another blow to freedom of speech and yet more censorship being dished out by Russians but at the same time, such an awesome and supremely Russian, Putin power move.

More photos of Putin looking like a complete badass on the next page. Hopefully he’ll enjoy being called a badass?

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