Watch These Guys Have Their Lives Ruined During Virtual Reality Strip Tease

Virtual Reality Porn Prank

What a horrendous way to lose your mojo.

Virtual reality is set to become absolutely massive in the upcoming months, and so far most of its uses look to be completely beneficial for everyone involved – until this video.

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In it, one of the most horrible pranks you could possibly imagine in virtual reality occurs, as guys set down to test out a hot new virtual reality stripper strutting her stuff. Only they get way more than they bargained for:

Oh man. I know it’s virtual reality so it’s not quite the same as it happening in ACTUAL reality (which also isn’t physically possible I don’t think) but still, that is a fucking horrendous way to lose your mojo almost immediately. I hope this doesn’t become the norm on virtual reality like it was on Chatroulette for a bit. Lol, remember Chatroulette?

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