WWE Boss Vince McMahon’s Crazy Reaction To Being ‘Hustled Out Of $20,000,000’



Everyone knows that WWF/WWE owner Vince McMahon is one of the wackiest billionaires on the planet. We even put a thread together of the craziest Vince McMahon stories a couple years back, but that was before these new stories from actor Freddie Prinze Jr started doing the rounds.

Weirdly enough, the ‘She’s All That’ and ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ star spent some time on the WWE writing team back in 2008. He worked with the company’s WWE Film divison and noticed one of the other writers trying to hustle Vince McMahon out of some extra $$$.

Speaking on his own Wrestling With Freddie podcast, he said:

They weren’t necessarily great, but they were making movies and they were making them for $5 million a pop, which limits the type of movie you can make, how good they look, and the talent you can get.

Money helps make a good movie.

He noted that one TV writer on the wrestling giant’s creative team ‘wasn’t clicking’ in that environment, and felt like the matches themselves were ‘affecting the story’:

This guy asked Vince if he could transition from the creative team to the film division because he had experience in film.

He had experience in television, but not really experience in film. I respect the man’s hustle, but this was a hustle.

He started selling his own scripts under a pen name to WWE and was producing his own movie and then paying himself to do it. I saw this right away. I know a Hollywood hustle when I see one.

Freddie felt like the writer should have pitched his scripts to Vince instead of being so ‘subversive’ about it, and decided to snitch on his co-worker and tell Vince directly what was going on as they were about to board a flight. Here’s how that went:

I walk straight up to Vince and say, “Before we get on the plane, I have to tell you something. You guys are making these $5 million movies, this guy is selling you scripts that would not sell in Hollywood that I’m sure he’s tried to sell a dozen times and everyone passed and you’re paying him for something like that and paying him to make his own movie.”

”That’s four movies a year at $5 million apiece.” He looks me dead in the face and goes, “Freddie, it’s $20 million, get on the f***ing plane.”

My jaw [dropped] and I went, “Can I have that job?” He started laughing, slapped me on the back, and I got on the plane. The whole time I’m thinking, “That’s a billionaire. That’s what a billionaire is.”

So there you have it. Vince McMahon gets told that someone is hustling him out of $20,000,000 and just shrugs it off like it’s nothing. Which I guess it is, to a multi-billionaire. Even still, I would have thought he’d destroy the guy’s life just for having the cheek to hustle any kind of payday whatsoever. Maybe he was in a particularly good mood that day?

Elsewhere on the podcast, Freddie described another weird interaction he had with Vince:

He also told another story about Vince McMahon having no idea who RoboCop was:

So when I left, there was a good six to eight months where I legit could not watch the product. There was just — I did not like wrestling and then they were coming to Los Angeles for SummerSlam and I was like, ‘I’ll go, I’ll go watch the pay per view,’” started Prinze Jr. on Barstool Wrasslin’. “I showed up early, and Vince was down by the ring and one of the guys came up to me, this dude, Jimmy said, ‘Hey, Vince wants to talk to you.’ I said, ‘I’ll go say what up to the old man,’ and he looks like Robocop, right? Like his body looks like the shell of Robocop, a movie that he’s never seen and doesn’t understand the reference when I compliment him and tell him he looks like Robocop. I’ve literally said to him, you look like ‘Robocop’ and he said, ‘Who the hell is that?’

“So I go up ringside and he takes a headset off and he puts this giant meathook arm around me, so friggin buff, dude. I’m not, and he brings me in and he goes, ‘Ah, it’s good to see you again.’ I don’t know, we’re bulls*******, and he says, It’d be great to have you back, son.’ He called me son, and for a guy that grew up without a dad, that’s kryptonite, man, like, I can’t fight against that. So I went back the second time and kind of fell in love with wrestling again and when I left because I had babies, I didn’t have the same issues that I did the first time but the first time I left, man, I could not watch the product. I couldn’t. It was ruined for me. It was weird.

Just a special kinda guy. For news on the incoming Netflix documentary about Vince McMahon’s life, click HERE. Can’t wait for that one.



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