Netflix Is Filming A Four-Part Documentary Series On The Life Of Vince McMahon

This is going to be amazing.

Love him or hate him, Vince McMahon is one of the most fascinating people to ever walk on the face of this planet. He took his dad’s regional wrestling business and created a worldwide, billion dollar empire out of it that no one believed was possible, and also wasn’t afraid to get stuck into the in-ring shenanigans himself from time to time.

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At 75 years of age, Vince McMahon is still on the road with WWE, producing every second of television and PPV and not sleeping much at all (he says he gets 4 hours sleep a night). I mean the guy is 75 and look like this:

He’s just a one-of-a-kind psychopath!

Vince McMahon hasn’t done too many longform interviews over the years (I seem to recall one with Howard Stern in the 90s), so there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the man who many people already feel like they know really well owing to his prevalence in WWE over the last 20+ years. I remember he did one written interview with Playboy many years ago in which he admitted he had been sexually abused by a older female relative when he was young boy. I wonder if Netflix will explore those aspects of his life and not just his time dominating the pro wrestling industry?

Hopefully it doesn’t just turn out to be a puff piece kissing Vince McMahon’s butt for 4 episodes, but either way we’ll take all the behind-the-scenes Vince McMahon stories we can get – from him and others. If it’s half as good as Netflix’s Michael Jordan doc ‘The Last Dance’, we’re in for a treat.

Here’s a clip from the old Stern interview to whet your appetite:

Wasn’t that long ago we featured an entire thread of the craziest Vince McMahon stories out there. How many of those will make it into the documentary?


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