Videos Show Tourists Shamelessly Race For Sunbeds At Packed Holiday Resort

Sunbed race

Every man for himself.

British holidaymakers were filmed shamelessly racing to bag themselves a sunbed by the swimming pool.

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If any of you reading this have been on one of these packet holidays, you’ll know about the eternal struggle to find a sunbed in the daytime. But is it really worth losing your dignity just to bagsie a plastic bench? Clearly these holidaymakers would say that the answer is “yes”.

The footage was filmed at the Servatur Waikik resort in Gran Canaria, where tourists queue from 7.30am before being let loose with their towels when the pool officially opens at 8am. And when the doors are opened, all hell breaks loose:

Did you spot that first guy doing the Usain Bolt impression before planting four towels on the front row of sunbeds? That’s definitely not his first rodeo.

Apparently, the sunbed situation at the resort is so bad that staff have been instructed to remove towels from loungers that have been left empty for 2-3 hours. Just think of the tedious arguments that’s going to spark – anyone who’s petty enough to queue for a sunbed is petty enough to spend all day bickering with staff members.

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