‘Bikini Brawl’ Video Shows Women Beating Up Beach-Goer, Three Women Arrested


Three women have been arrested and police are still investigating whether to charge other bystanders from this incident which saw a young woman beaten up and hospitalised.

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Arlinda Craft, 18, Anns Leigh Hill, 19 and Megan Williams, 20, were caught on film battering a 20-year-old female victim on a South Carolina river beach over in the States (river beach? Weak).

Here’s what went down:

That’s quite the beating there so in a way it’s a good thing this is on camera as it will surely lead to a conviction for all three girls. Although surely it would have been better if they put the damn camera down and actually helped the poor girl (assuming they weren’t also part of the Mean Girls crew).

What I want to know is what the victim did to piss them off so much in the first place? Has to be something to do with a boy right? Something more than just flirting or dancing to warrant a beating that bad. Still at least she probably got a nice tan while she recovered out there in the sun, right? Better than this muppet’s tanning approach.


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