Check Out This Video Of A Spider And A Cockroach Fighting In A Bathroom


Everyone knows that there’s some goddamn weird and scary nature going on in Australia, but it’s only when you see videos like the one below that you truly understand the extent of just how terrifying it is.

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We’re in the bathroom of some Australian guy for this one, who doesn’t seem freaked out about the fact some gigantic and scary looking spider has turned up on the side of his wall. In fact, he seems pretty stoked about it so he can kill a roach that has been annoying him and film it so that the whole internet can see.

You’re literally not gonna believe how fast the spider moves when the cockroach gets in range of him:

Jesus that’s frightening. Literally couldn’t even see the spider move it went so fast. Imagine if that motherfucker was coming after you – no thanks.

The rest of the video admittedly isn’t really that exciting as the spider just chokes/crushes the roach to death – and the Australian guy’s narration is hella annoying – but it was worth watching just for that one deadly second of devastating speed. We don’t stand a chance.

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