Here’s A Video Of A Praying Mantis Eating A Murder Hornet’s Brain


As if the global pandemic wasn’t scary enough already, the human race found out last week that murder hornets had infiltrated the United States and were looking to kill anyone who was dumb enough to mess with them – apparently there’s a select few hanging out in this country too, as people in the comments were very eager to tell me.

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Anyway, if you are scared about the possibility of getting killed by a murder hornet then this video might cheer you up a bit as it illustrates perfectly how useless they are when they come up against a praying mantis. The mantis traps the hornet in its claws so it can’t sting and kill it and then slowly proceeds to eat its brain, before devouring the rest of it like it’s no big deal. The hornet doesn’t even put up a fight at all.

Obviously this video is really rank, so if you don’t want to see an insect eat another insect then don’t bother clicking play:

Jesus. That’s so gross – sometimes you have to wonder why nature is so messed up like that.

The main takeaway from this though is that the murder hornets aren’t going to be that much of a threat to us. We just need to form an alliance with the praying mantises out there to eliminate them for us and then we’re good to go. What could possibly go wrong with that?

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