This Video Of A Policeman Arresting A Guy Smoking A Spliff Is Absolutely Mental

You won’t see where this is going.

I think almost everyone has probably smoked weed in someone’s car at some point in their life, but this video might make you think twice about ever doing it again.

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Actually, it probably won’t unless you’re an absolute psychopath like the guy who gets caught getting blazed by the cops. No spoilers but his reaction is completely mental and the whole video is really crazy. Let’s go!

Lol what the actual fuck? Surely all that was going to happen to him smoking weed was that it would get confiscated and he would get a warning, so why the hell did he try and run the policeman over like that? What an absolute helmet.

I suppose he could maybe have been a dealer so might have been facing a slightly longer punishment if they searched his vehicle, but either way it’s still a completely ridiculous reaction to being asked if he was smoking weed. Smethwick hey.

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