Here’s The Video Of A Sobbing Oscar Pistorius Walking Around The Courtroom On His Stumps

Oscar Pistorius Stumps

You can actually see how sad, demeaning and distressing this was for Pistorius.

Earlier today we reported on the fact that Oscar Pistorius had taken his prosthetics off and walked around the courtroom on his stumps. This seems like it was a stunt by his lawyer Barry Roux to demonstrate his vulnerability ahead of his sentencing for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

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At the time, there wasn’t any video footage of this happening but this has since been uploaded so you can actually see how sad, demeaning and distressing it was for Pistorius.

That is a hard watch, but obviously there are two sides to every story and the fact is that Pistorius killed his girlfriend, whether he thought it was a robber or not and he’s going to be punished for that if he’s disabled or not. His lawyer said he didn’t want to play on the sympathy vote or his disability, but I fail really to see what else he was doing with this stunt. I guess for his and Pistorius sake he had better hope it works to some extent.

At the time of writing the sentence still hadn’t been announced, but expect that to happen later in the day. For a great story about prosthetics to take your mind off this though, click here.


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