VIDEO: How Do You Fool A Baboon?

Mad Looking Babboon

You will probably never have to fool a baboon into showing you where his water is, but it’s nice to know how just in case you are thirsty in the desert one day.

Mad Looking Babboon

A good pal of mine sent me a link to this video recently, he wrote next to it simply “THIS IS AMAZING”. When I see the word “amazing” or “incredible” next to something, especially if it’s in CAPS, I have a healthy dose of skepticism coursing through my veins as I sit down to watch. We are too often fooled in this Internet world of lies and half truths. People say things like “This video is TOTES HILARIOUS!!!!!! You will laugh so hard that your ingrowing toe nail will be righted and your dandruff will disappear! HONESTLY I TRIED IT AND IT WORKED! Also you will DIE if you don’t watch it.” So you click the link and find a video of a 10 year old yawning or something equally banal. We’re are all mighty jaded by Internet promises aren’t we.

So I was heartily excited and surprised by the video I had been sent. It actually is awesome. I love nature and animals and science and all that noise so it ticked that box. It was also filmed in the 70’s when they still cared about the script so it’s written nicely, and the content matter is incredible. I won’t bother to explain it as you’re about to watch it anyway, but it’s a short clip on how to trick a baboon to take you to his water source. Doesn’t sound riveting, but it is a beautiful example of how man and animal have lived side by side for millennia. A snap shot into the relationship we have lost in our pristine concrete shadows.

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