Unearthed Video Shows Hitler Off His Nut On Meth At The 1936 Olympics

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It’s well documented that the Nazis were off their nuts on class A drugs throughout Adolf Hitler’s reign. This was brought to light by German writer Norman Ohler’s book Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, in which he claims stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine, as well as strong opioids, were central to the German military effort – and that Hitler himself was an absolute drug fiend.

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Although not every historian has welcomed Ohler’s portrayal of drug use in Nazi Germany, his discoveries are defended by some powerful figures, including Sir Antony Beevor, who described the book as “a remarkable scoop, demonstrating that Hitler was a far worse junkie than we had ever imagined”.

Whether he bent the truth or not, the fact is that Hitler did have a physician named Theodor Gilbert Morell, as noted by Ohler, who was a German doctor known for acting as the dictator’s physician. And let’s just say he used some rather unconventional substances to treat his patient.

And if you need further evidence that Hitler was a druggy, just take at look at the video below. It shows the evil tyrant absolutely off his rocker at the 1936 Olympics.

Per the uploader:

Hitler was a hardcore junkie. The nazis were given speed and other drugs to up their game in wartime. Hitler’s doctor who was kinda crazy gave Hitler Cocaine, Meth, and opioids like oxycodon as prescriptions to help with his problems.

Anyone who pointed out that the doctor was insane would be dismissed. This is a video of Hitler at the 1936 olympics, clearly incredibly high on either coke or meth.

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