A Video Has Emerged Highlighting All The Ways Conor McGregor Cheated Against Khabib

Conor Khabib

Cheaters never prosper.

It’s Tuesday afternoon and everyone is still talking about the Conor McGregor and Khabib fight that happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, although most of the talk is revolving around the brawl that occurred afterwards and the possible consequences that may arise from it.

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One interesting video that emerged last night though is one that actually concerns the fight and all the way that Conor McGregor cheated during it – ultimately to no avail. Despite UFC looking like it’s just a completely brutal sport where people beat the crap out of each other and do whatever they want, there are actually a load of rules that you just might not hear about or notice.

These include not hitting anyone with your elbows pointed in the 12-6 position, not grabbing the gloves or pants of your opponent, not putting your hands or legs on the cage and not hitting grounded opponents with your knees. Conor broke all of these rules during the fight, as are pointed out in the video below:

OK, so that’s clearly a video that’s been edited by someone who is no fan of Conor McGregor, but you can’t really argue with the fact that it looks like he was given a lot of leeway in this fight and still came up second best. It’s doubtful that anyone is going to remember that though considering the result of the fight and what happened afterwards, but it’s still important to remember exactly what happened.

For more Conor and Khabib, check out their fans fighting each other as well. This beef is going to continue for a long time.


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