Graphic Video Shows Dentist Patient’s Mouth Filled With Hundreds Of Live Maggots

Maggot Teeth

Viewer discretion is advised.

Going to the dentist is normally a nerve-wracking experience, but have you ever thought what it might be like for the dentist himself thinking about what horrors he might encounter when he opens your mouth?

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Spare a thought for the dentist in this video then, who opens up their patient’s mouth to discover that it’s overridden with maggots in between the cracks of the decayed, rotting teeth. It kind of looks more like a scene you would find on a dead body and not a live human being, which makes the whole video even more distressing and disgusting:

Gross. I hope the dentist was able to help her because ain’t nobody out there that should be living their life like that.

If you’re wondering just what happened to this poor woman, it turns out that she’s from India and is suffering from oral myiasis, which quite literally translates as fly disease. Basically a bunch of flies have laid eggs in her gums and when they hatch, this is the result. Revolting.

If you’re worried about this happening to you though you needn’t be – the condition is very rare as the gums don’t usually provide a workable habitat for the growth of fly larvae. However, if you were living in an area with low socioeconomic status, an immunocompromised state and unhygienic living conditions such as some parts of India, then this could be possible. Poor woman.

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