This Video Of Maggots Eating A Live Man’s Brain Is Completely Messed Up (NSFL)


Eat your dinner before watching this.

This is undoubtedly one of the most gruesome videos we’ve ever featured, so if you haven’t eaten or feel like this might screw you up then stop reading right away.

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The footage comes from somewhere in South America where a guy has contracted cerebral myiasis which is an infection of fly larvae in the brain. The larvae then hatched as maggots and started eating at his brain and head from the inside out, causing a humongous hole to be formed on his head where you can see right through to his brain.

It’s literally like he’s a zombie as he’s still able to talk and move his head despite this obvious impairment. It’s really, really gruesome, so again, if you’re not ready for it then please look away.

Jesus Christ. There have only ever been eight recorded cases of this happening in humans, and it’s not yet known if the man is OK or what has happened to him. It doesn’t look good for him but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he finds his way out of this one. What a fucking awful situation to find yourself in.

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