Watch This Video On A ‘Brief History Of Sriracha Sauce’

Sriracha hot sauce

From rags to riches.

Sriracha sauce is everywhere these days, whether it be deserts, snacks or even McDonald’s burgers. People just can’t seem to get enough of this delicious spicy condiment, to the point where it is celebrated and enjoyed worldwide.

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But despite its popularity, this sauce had very humble beginnings. The video below explains how one man’s love for good sauce led him to create such a widely recognised and loved brand, while also explaining that his modesty and laid back approach to the business has allowed other brands to use his name as their own.

Can’t believe that David Tran didn’t trademark his product. That just proves that his sauce really is the best – despite all of the probably hundreds of different Sriracha sauces out there, his still sells the best. Good on you Tran.

To watch a video on how Sriracha sauce is made, click HERE.


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