McDonald’s Big Mac Is Finally Getting The Sriracha Treatment

Mcdonalds Sriracha

Hot stuff.

McDonald’s Big Mac is set for a hot new makeover with a new Big Mac sauce laced with Sriracha hot sauce. Now THAT sounds amazing.

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I’m surprised Maccy Ds haven’t thought about this brand hybrid before because pretty much everyone ever completely bums Sriracha.

Mcdonalds Sriracha

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Unfortunately this is only available in some US outlets including Los Angeles and San Diego but hopefully it will make its way to the UK pretty soon because it sounds completely banging.

The stores will be adding the Big Mac Sriracha sauce as an option on their Signature Crafted sandwich menu – this option also includes baby kale and spinach in place of the regular iceberg and leaf lettuce as well as white cheddar cheese, crispy onion and tomato. Sounds absolutely delicious.

So I guess we’re going to soon witness the greatest love affair of all time – pretty similar to the new Burger King Mac ‘n Cheetos.


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