Vegans Have Given Their Dairy-Free Cheese The Most Ridiculous New Name

Anyone for Gary on toast?

Vegans are a unique subset in society, in that despite the fact that what they’re doing is ultimately beneficial to themselves and their planet, they’re probably hated more than any other subset in the world. Maybe not ISIS I suppose, but you get the picture with what I’m saying.

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So vegans inspire an awful amount of rage in your average person, and this can be illustrated by the following Facebook rant some unknown woman went on:


As you can read, at some point the woman suggested that vegans call their vegan cheese ‘Gary’ or some other name, and surprisingly the vegan community decided to have a bit of a joke with this one and embrace it and actually start calling their cheese Gary. And it went massively viral – check a few of these posts and memes out:




Wow. Whoever said that vegans were a humourless bunch were obviously wrong because that really is taking the ball and running with it and doing a pretty good job of it – maybe almost scoring a touchdown but not quite.

Sorry I’ve been given the wrong impression of you guys all these years, but I suppose when some of you get branded to protest against animal rights then you can’t really blame me.


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