These Vegan Protestors Took It Way Too Far With This Demonstration


Always crying out for attention.

Whilst I respect veganism and a vegan lifestyle, I can’t really respect the hardcore element of the movement that is determined by any means necessary to convert everyone in the world to their personal preference and use extreme shock tactics and violence to achieve these means. It’s just like get a grip dudes, I get it you don’t like harming animals, but let everyone else in the world make their own decisions, right?

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Most vegans are generally chill about everything – aside from of course telling everyone that they’re vegan all the time – but these militant guys really grind my gears, especially when they’re taking part in ridiculous stunts like the one featured below. To demonstrate the cruelty that animals are subjected to before they make it to your plate, a bunch of vegans over in Paris set up a protest in the middle of the Place de la Republique where they were chained up and then permanently branded with an iron whilst being covered in blood:

OK, so you watched that video and now you’re going to become vegan immediately right, just like everyone else in the world?

No, you probably aren’t and if you’re a dedicated meat eater already then all that video is going to do is annoy you and probably make you hate vegans even more. There are already more vegans than ever before in the world, so I think they need to realise that shock tactics like this aren’t actually going to work and are just going to piss people off who are against it and make them think vegans are mentally unstable. Just give it a rest guys – promoting the benefits of a vegan diet seems to work, rather than trying to guilt trip people who eat meat about the way they treat animals.

For another vegan protest that annoyed people, check out these guys crashing a steakhouse and interrupting everyone’s meals to preach about the horrors of the meat industry. Absolute worst people ever.


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