Vegan YouTuber Demonstrates The ‘Bum Gun’ As An Alternative To Toilet Paper During Coronavirus

She’s saved thousands on toilet paper.

A vegan YouTuber who lives on fruit and potatoes says she’s saved thousands of dollars by using a ‘bum gun’ instead of toilet paper during the coronavirus crisis.

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In fact, ‘Freelee The Banana Girl’ says she’s been using a bum gun for 13 years, and so hasn’t needed toilet paper in ages. As the rest of the world scrapped and hoarded at the start of lockdown, she just chilled at home with a sparkling clean butt.

Anyway, Freelee demonstrates how the bum gun works at around the 1:10 mark:

So she’s not exactly presenting a groundbreaking invention here, but like she says later in the video, bidets and bum guns leave you with a “sparkling fresh anus that would make any mother proud”. It’s obviously a lot more hygienic because after all, when your hands get dirty you don’t clean them with tissues do you?

Freelee also says that because coronavirus is an anagram of carnivorous, that means we should all go vegan. Well that’s going to take some more convincing but as far as the bum gun’s concerned, I’m sold!

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