A Vegan Protestor Broke Into A Slaughterhouse To Try And Stop A Calf Being Killed


It didn’t work.

The vegan movement has been gaining more and more followers in recent years thanks to a combination of a more relaxed and less militant method of promoting it and more and more delicious meat free alternatives becoming available.

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However, there are still times when you hear about vegan protestors doing dumb annoying shit that sets the whole movement back a couple of years and this is one of them. 23 year old Alix from Melbourne thought it would be a good idea to break into a slaughterhouse and chain herself to railings inside in an attempt to prevent a calf from being slaughtered.

Obviously this didn’t work even after hours of negotiation and she eventually had to back down and let the animal die, but she did manage to upload a video of her comforting it before it was led to the slaughter:

I mean that is kinda harrowing with all the noise of the other animals in the background, but I can’t really get over how pointless her entire protest is? Like why did she only try and save that calf and none of the others? And why that slaughterhouse and not one of the other ones? And why ultimately let the calf that you broke into the slaughterhouse to try and save get killed? If you were that serious about it you would have just picked it up and run off or set it free or something, not just chained yourself to the railings for a bit then cry some and make a video before it died? Seems like a waste of time really.

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