This Vegan Guy’s Awful Dating Video Is The Weirdest Thing On The Internet

Vegan Weirdo


I’m not really sure when video dating was a thing but I presume it was in the late 80s/early 90s before internet dating came to the forefront of the scene. Anyway I’m thankful that it did because it can allow us to watch absolute train wrecks like the video below which I’m struggling to comprehend how the guy in it could ever have thought it was a good idea to make.

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It’s probably best that you just dive into this without any preconceptions or ideas about what’s going to happen because it’ll make it better. Trust me:

God damn, save some pussy for the rest of us.

Posted by Bear In The Big Meme House on Sunday, 6 August 2017

Jesus dude, no need to ram home the vegan stuff, we get it. It was probably even more insufferable if it was from the 80s as well because back then people really didn’t like vegans as opposed to now where they’re pretty much tolerated by most of society. Really can’t see him getting any action leading with the vegan thing.

Even if he didn’t though, there’s so much about this video that makes me questions whether it’s real or not. Surely no man alive would think that making a video like this was actually going to succeed in getting them laid and that it would be a good idea to make it? I mean the thing with the fake tooth and the roleplaying because of it has to be one of the most insane things that I’ve literally ever heard. Surely he hasn’t actually done that before because literally nobody in their right mind would ever suggest a fantasy involving a guy taking his fake tooth out to look more like a redneck?

Guy is completely off his rocker and don’t even get me started about his vegan dance party – how the heck can music be vegan? Are there even such events as vegan dance parties? Or is this another weird figment of his imagination again?

Anyway, hope the guy managed to get a date and didn’t end up spending his whole life as an incel. If you want to see some more of these kinds of videos then click here. They really are something else.


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