A Vegan Group Have Held A Wake For Nine Turkeys Who Were Killed For Christmas Dinner

Vegan Vigil


More and more people in the UK are becoming vegan and more and more people seem to be accepting of this lifestyle in comparison to how it was viewed a few years ago.

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Unfortunately there are still those within the movement that seem determined to perpetuate the image of the annoying over the top vegan and here we are again with another example of this. Obviously it’s traditional for the majority of people in this country to eat a turkey at Christmas, but nevertheless vegans wanted to make a big deal about this and make everyone feel bad so decided to hold a wake for nine of the animals that were killed this Christmas for the meal.

This all went down in Bristol at St Werbergh’s City Farm, where the vegans travelled to the farm to hold a candle lit vigil where they handed out vegan mince pies to passersby in silence whilst looking at a sign that read ‘They Wanted To Live’. Emo.

Vegan activist Sarah Nicol said the following about the vigil:

There’s a lot of anger that the turkeys are dead, but we just want people to have a peaceful outlet for their grief.

We’re hopeful that Bristol’s city farms can move towards being sanctuaries.

Their goals aren’t based in slaughtering their animals, they’re based in helping and educating the public. So it’s a logical step to move towards becoming a sanctuary.

The turkeys caught people’s attention because they could see them, felt that they knew them. They were nine individuals, rather than countless, nameless animals in a slaughterhouse.

I mean I guess she has a point but it seems kinda stupid to prioritise these turkeys over the countless number that get slaughtered every day all over the country. Yeah, I get the point that they had faces so maybe this resonates more with people, but I still reckon there are a bunch of animals all over the country that have shared the same fate. Why are these ones so important and why have vegans chosen to annoy everyone about them?

I don’t really think it’s going to achieve anything other than making an already fairly despised subculture even more despised. Good one guys.

For more vegans, here’s one that got the word tattooed on her head. Give me strength.


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