This Vegan Bodybuilder Says That Semen Smoothies Have Prevented Her From Catching Coronavirus

The miracle cure.

It’s almost a year since the UK went into lockdown to stave off the threat of Coronavirus, but this vegan bodybuilder seems to imply that if we had all consumed smoothies made out of semen instead then this would have been a completely unnecessary step.

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32 year old Tracy Kiss from Aylesbuy in Buckinghamshire revealed her trick to keeping healthy and warding off COVID-19 in an interview with VICE, saying the following:

I haven’t had a cold or flu in years – I don’t remember the last time I was sick, simply because I lead a healthy, active lifestyle and consume semen on a regular basis.

I think if a lot more people knew the benefits of consuming semen, they would definitely treat it as the precious entity that it is.

Whilst the world is experiencing a stockpiling frenzy of toilet tissue, cleaning products and hand sanitisers, I have found a free and alternative method.

That’s great for her sure, but you really have to think that there are countless other people that have managed not to catch Coronavirus by using hand sanitiser, staying in lockdown and adhering to the government regulations and I’m sure Tracy was doing at least some of this, so I’m not certain if she can point to her semen smoothie as being the main source of her failure to catch the virus. If you want to use her methods in the run up to getting vaccinated though be my guest. Maybe you’ll enjoy it as well.

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