This Dude’s Vape Exploded In His Face And The Injuries Look Absolutely Horrific (NSFL)

That’s got to hurt.

Vaping has really taken off in a big way in this country over the past couple of years, as more and more people switch to it to try and quit smoking. Or just do it because they think it looks cool (it doesn’t).

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Despite the fact that it’s universally thought that vaping is better for you than smoking cigarettes, there are still a couple of horror stories knocking about that might put you off taking it up yourself, and these are mostly concerned with vapes exploding in your face for no reason. The latest man that this happened to is called Andrew Hall and he was left with some absolutely horrific injuries to his face.

He posted the following status update on Facebook to raise awareness about the potential dangers of vaping:

Geez. That fucked him up good and proper didn’t it? It’s crazy that vapes can just do that to people. I mean I know it’s not every single one and it’s very unlikely that it would happen to you, but even the mere chance of it happening, however small, is probably enough to put you off doing it right? I don’t wanna lose my teeth and get my face fucked up like this guy – know what I mean?

For more vapes exploding, watch this guy’s vape explode in his pocket and give him third degree burns too. Ouch.


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